Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter and Our New Series

I want to start by saying thanks to Reflections Church. They opened up their church to us on Saturday night. Not only that, they didn't charge us a single penny! I love their kingdom mindset.

We had a great turn out for Easter. It was our biggest attendance since our launch a few weeks ago. Jeremy and Luke did a sweet drama and as always our worship team did an awesome job!!!

This next week we're starting a new Series called Nuclear Family. John Rott, Tammi Taylor and Jeremy Wight will all be speaking during this series. They helped put together the promotional video below. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Website, Easter and A Tough Sermon

We just finished updating our website. We still have a few kinks to get out, but for the most part it's up and running. You'll notice two new links. One at the top talking about our Easter service this week and another link that takes you to our media page.
This last week I nixed an incredible drama that Brandi had already memorized and dumped a video that was absolutely top rate to share some thoughts the Lord has been putting on my heart. That was tough to do, because so much time has already been invested, but the bottom line was that we as a Community have lost our focus and we needed to get back on track before Easter. As they say, we need to keep the main thing the main thing, which for us is reaching the lost and growing a church. Recently I've felt like we've started putting our attention on things that don't matter. We had 10+ visitors this last week, I hope they understood the spirit of what was being said. The sermon is on our media page if you want to hear it.
Easter is right around the corner! We're using a different facility than we normally do for Easter. It will allow us to do some things we normally don't get to do. They have some stage lighting and table and chairs and a few other things that will allow us more engaging ways to share the good news of the Gospel. If you are in the Treasure Valley, I hope you'll join us. We have a drama, some video work and killer music planned. Service starts at 6:00. At 5:30 there is a free Easter egg hunt for the kids. Make sure and bring your Easter egg basket. I hope to see you all there!