Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Latest

Hey Team, lots of new stuff to share.

For the last three weeks we've been doing a devotional and announcement online. You can see them all here. Over time we'd like to see these happen a little more often with someone different almost every time. We keep these to 3 or 4 minutes so people can squeeze a little devotional time in their day.

We're doing a BBQ next week. We reserved the park close to us and we're giving out Hotdogs and drinks. The park is filled on Friday nights because the city does a movie at dusk. Hopefully we'll get to meet a ton of those people and invite them to CX.

We've been playing with and have decided to do our first set of discipleship classes live on line. We'll have people on location to ask questions, but I'm thinking most of us will connect online. We did some tests the other night and twittered to everyone that we were live on line. I got to connect with some old friends I haven't heard from in a long time. Technology is amazing! They say at the end times, everyone will know about the gospel, maybe it's talking about the internet :)

We have more stuff happening, but what I love about all these ideas is that we're getting outside the four walls of the church. You have to think a bit differently, but it's worth the effort!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Here's a quick list of what's new with Connections.

For mother's day (eve) we're having a cook out and inviting everyone. Thus far, everytime we've had a cook out, we've spiked in attendance. It excites me to meet new people this weekend!

Tomorrow I'm meeting with some other church planters in the area. I can't wait to connect with them and hear some more of their stories. God is moving in this treasure valley. The harvest is ready!

I had lunch with a true creative today. He has all these great ideas that most churches would never consider. I think he's going to fit in well with us!!! We love crazy ideas.

We had a great leadership team meeting this week and had an extended prayer time that was really, really good. I felt like that was "church" in it's purest form. Everyone at the table has a relationship with Christ. I trust them all. We need more prayer times like that!

This is the last week for Jordan. She's been working with our kids since we were a house church. Daxton, my 5 year old, prays for dinner using prayer's that Jordan has taught him. She's had a great influence on all our kids!!! We will miss her greatly.

We put an add on Craigslist for another children's worker and I think we found one. We'll be doing an interview soon.

If you're in the Treasure Valley, we'll be BBQ'ing Saturday at 5. Come join us!!!