Friday, July 10, 2009

Sleeping and Eating

I've turned some corners this last year on my views of creation. I have always BELIEVED that God created us, but it was all faith, not facts. I am now completely convinced, on a scientific level, that we were, without any doubt, wonderfully designed. Now, if you don't believe in God, you can think that aliens designed us or a group of gods or a former advanced race or you can even believe that we live in a matrix, either is fine. For this particular blog, it really doesn't matter. The point we have to agree on is that we were indeed designed. If you want some of my personal proofs, just make a comment to the blog and we can chat.

Once I decided that, I began asking questions about why we were created like we are. Some things make total sense. My hand is at the end of my arm. That's perfect. I can reach things. My eyes and ears are at the top of my being. That's another win, I can see and hear farther. I even think it's cool that our eye lids are about 90% opaque. Even when they are closed, I can tell whether there is light on in a room. If they were completely opaque, people could just close their eyes and go to sleep in the middle of the day. I know, I know, you and I would never do that, but the the world in general?

But what about food. Do you find it odd that we have to eat 3 times a day? Why do we have to do that? Wouldn't it make more sense to feed yourself once, early in the day and be done with it? Or you could fill up, like a car, once a week or so. Better yet, why not breath in the energy like we do oxygen. Anyone smart enough to create the human nervous system surely could figure that out!

Here's the other thing that has always bothered me. I have to sleep 1/3 of my life. They say 8 hours a day is optimal and that we get alot more than that when we're in the nursery and in nursing homes. If live to be the typical heterosexual, white, male age of 75.7, that means I will literally sleep for 25 years of my life! WHAT? 25 YEARS? That really inhales.

Well, here are my personal opinions on getting tired and hungry. We won't know for sure until we get to heaven and ask (if we even care then), but I think it's fun to speculate now. The reason we get hungry is to keep some of us from being lazy. Food's a pretty good motivator. I remember as a kid playing video games on the weekend until I was hungry. Then I'd take a break and get some grub. Some of us need that motivator to go get a job or work the field. We're pretty spoiled here in the US. I can eat as many times a day as I want, but in some, if not most nations, you want food you have to work the field.

I think sleep is for the exact opposite reasons. Some of us would work non stop without that 8 hour break once a day. I'm more of a night person. It's not uncommon for me to stay up to 2 or 3 in the morning working on a sermon or a major video project. It frustrates me that I get tired. The kids are all in bed. The house is quiet, I feel like I'm conquering the world and then . . . the Dew starts wearing off and my eyes start getting a bit blurry. I try to fight it, but eventually I have to surrender to the laws of nature and realize that I can try it again tomorrow night. If I didn't need sleep, I'm pretty sure I'd just keep on working and working and working. But, that wouldn't be healthy for me or my family.

So that's my thoughts. Hunger and exhaustion keep us balanced between laziness and workaholism. It makes sure was all have some down time and some work time. God, being all knowing, would have thought about this when he created Adam and Eve. He would have seen the big picture of a world with over 6 billion people (and growing) and made the right adjustments for us to succeed. Apparently sleeping 5 hours a day wasn't enough, and eating once a week wouldn't cut it either. He knew.

So what kind of things puzzle you about the way we're made? What would you change? Do you think 70 is a good amount of years to live on the earth? Do you think it's good that it takes two humans to make a new one? What about wrinkles and grey hair? So many things that don't make sense, but I believe there is a reason for every single one of them!